Premium Jet AG – Certified Quality

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In 2009, when we founded Premium Jet, we also defined a company mission statement. Among other things, we wrote down in it that we strive for long-term, reliable and sustainable high quality and safety. But how do we ensure this and what does it mean for our customers? . 1. Federal Office of Civil Aviation […]

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Flying safely with a charter jet – what you need to remember when booking

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Do you check your car every time you go out driving? The tires, brakes, oil..? Probably not. It’s a different story for aircraft. Before a plane takes off, airlines have a team of engineers (and in the case of private jets, the cockpit crew) to conduct preflight checks. Maintenance and repair work is also mandatory after […]

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Safety first! How safe is a private jet?

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Airplanes are among the safest means of transport available. This is primarily due to the clearly defined maintenance intervals and the strict control system. Before every flight, a pre-flight check is carried out by the cockpit crew (at airlines also by mechanics). During the check the general appearance, tires and brakes as well as the […]

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