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Private Jets: Bombardier Global Express

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The first take off of a big business jet of the Canadian company Bombardier in 1996 marked the beginning of a real success story. Even today the original model – the Bombardier Global Express – is still an excellent choice.

The new version of the twin-jet jet is called Bombardier Global Express XRS or Global 6000 – and on November 4, 2016 the newest edition, the Global 7000, had its maiden flight.

A glance at the history

In 1991 the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier decided to build a business jet with “long legs”, impressive speed and generous space. Previous market analyzes and studies predicted good chances for this concept.

In 1993, the program “Bombardier Global Express” was launched to set new standards in the segment of large business jets. Only three years later, the first Bombardier Global Express prototype take-off, it was certified in 1998 as well as the first aircraft were delivered.

If you want to charter or buy a private jet in the segment of big business aircrafts you can’t get past the “Global” series from Bombardier. The base model was modified to the Global Express XRS until 2011 and today is offered as Bombardier Global 6000. The Global 5000 with a somewhat shorter cabin and less range completes the product line.

In addition, the “Global” series will be extended by additional versions of the large-scale private jet, now eventually the Global 8000.

The new edition of the Bombardier Global Express XRS

Basically the differences between the “Global Express” and the “Global Express XRS” were minimal. The XRS version of Bombardier’s business jets was announced at the NBAA convention in Orlando, Florida, in 2003.

The most important innovation was the extended range thanks to additional tank capacity. Moreover the luxurious cabin interior as well as the interior lighting were reworked. The two jet engines, developed and built under the BR700 designation by Rolls-Royce, provide for neat thrust and speed.

The aircraft offers space for a maximum of 19 but usually only 14-15 passengers and has a range of around 11,400 kilometers.

With the Global 8000 Bombardier will continue the series. The new business jet models were already announced in 2010, but the program experienced delays again and again.

Bombardier Global Express: technical data

Length 30.30 m
Wingspan 28.60 m
Height 7.70 m
Wing Area 94.9 m²
Cabin Length 14.7 m
Cabin Width 2.49 m
Cabin Height 1.91 m
Cabin Volume 60.6 m³
Maximum Take-Off Weight 44,452 kg
Engines Two Rolls-Royce BR710 A2-20 with 65,6 kN thrust each
Maximum Speed Mach 0.89 resp. 910 km/h
Optimum Speed Mach 0.85 resp. 904 km/h
Range 11,500 km
Crew 2 to 4
Passengers 8 to 14



With the Bombardier Global Express XRS you can count on comfort, reliability and space. With a range of almost 11,400 km you can reach far away destinations with just one refueling stop.


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