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Aircraft operators … and the agony of choice …

Posted on / by Marcel Wepfer Posted in Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Management, Premium Jet Ltd

On October 7, 1963, the 4-seat Learjet 23, developed by William P. Lear, took off from Wichita, USA for its 30-minute maiden flight. The foundation stone for today’s business aviation was laid and exactly one year later Lear was able to deliver the first ready-to-use machine to a customer. It can therefore be assumed that […]

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The Accountable Manager in Aviation

Posted on / by Daniel Kunz Posted in Premium Jet Ltd

When I started working for Premium Jet 3 years ago, I was asked to take on the role of Accountable Manager in addition to my actual job (buying and selling of business jets). I accepted, but only realized over time what this function actually means. Would you have known it? With pleasure I shed some […]

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Is your business jet operator fully operational?

Posted on / by Fabio Hausammann Posted in Aircraft Management

The year 2020 so far in a few keywords: corona crisis, protection concepts, short-time work, system-relevance, home office, quarantine, a lot of tohubohu and no idea how it will go on … Many companies around the world are facing difficulties in this unstable and unprecedented times – if this also applies to the operator of […]

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6 months Covid-19 … severe turbulence for the aviation industry

Posted on / by Jamil Al-Khalisi Posted in Aircraft Charter

On March 16, 2020, a measure unique to our globally positioned society became reality in Switzerland: the national lockdown was put into effect to deal with the threat of Covid-19. Since then, the world has presented itself in a new light. The Corona virus has reached almost every country in the world, worldwide efforts have […]

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Buying a private jet – thought about a market analysis?

Posted on / by Daniel Kunz Posted in Aircraft Management, Aircraft Sales, Premium Jet Ltd

Toying with the idea of buying a used private jet? You already know all about the advantages of having your own jet. You probably also have some clue as to the price ranges of the plane you want.

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Flying? For sure …

Posted on / by Marcel Wepfer Posted in Aircraft Charter

In today’s world, with all its uncertainties caused by the Corona crisis and the constantly changing safety measures and entry restrictions, it is more important than ever to have an experienced partner at your side when travelling by air. Preferably a partner who operates a fleet of business jets himself and who has a proven […]

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The minds behind Premium Jet

Posted on / by Marcel Wepfer Posted in Premium Jet Ltd

Premium Jet is led by its 3 Managing Partners, each with many years of aviation experience. We all are company shareholders and personally engaged in services and client relations and hence available for you at any time. Daniel Kunz – the native one … Daniel is a Master of Arts in Economic Sciences after successfully […]

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Communication is key …

Posted on / by Marcel Wepfer Posted in Aircraft Charter, Premium Jet Ltd

I still remember the stories of our meanwhile retired CEO, who told me about flight plans that they back then had to prepare and transmit using perforated strips, some of which were metres long. And of typewriters on which offers were typed, which they then sent by post to the recipient … and which arrived […]

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Aircraft Management “by the hour”

Posted on / by Daniel Kunz Posted in Aircraft Management

Business jets must comply with extensive and complex regulations and requirements. This also has an impact on their owners. Therefore, most owners commission a professional operator to take responsibility for the private or commercial management of their aircraft. This aircraft management for a business jet usually works like this: the aircraft owner pays the management […]

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Why Premium Jet?

Posted on / by Marcel Wepfer Posted in Premium Jet Ltd

Premium Jet is an independent company, managed and operated by highly experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the needs of Business Aviation users around the world. And even if at first sight it may look as if everyone “out there” is dealing with business jets more or less in the same way, we see […]

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